After the initial distribution, most of the tokens will be locked and gradually emitted. Thus, eventual price decrease due to inflation will be prevented by keeping the supply in balance. At the genesis there will be 36,900,000 $ZKSP Tokens unlocked (61.50% of Total Supply) Please find the latest info on our Tokenomics on our dedicated info page:


Total Supply: 55,650,000 $ZKSP Early Supporters - 40% Core Contributors - 9% Development Fund - 10% Marketing + Advisory - 5% Liquidity Incentives - 20% Liquidity LP - 10% Ecosystem Rewards - 6%


zkSwap aims to be the main liquidity hub of the zkSync Era ecosystem by providing the most capital efficient infrastructure for liquidity providers.

The initial use case for the $ZKSP token is as stated as follows:

  • You can use the token to vote on certain technical features to evolve the protocol

Additional Utility that holders might have in future:

  • For example, the token can provide certain benefits, e.g. reduced trading fees or you have to hold a certain number of tokens in order to be able to provide a liquidity pool at all, or similar.

The $ZKSP is also intended to be used for:

  • Bootstrap initial liquidity and promote the usage of the protocol

  • Governance token within the zkSwap Protocol to decide about important protocol parameters

The $ZKSP token will be used to bootstrap initial liquidity via liquidity provider incentives. It is crucial to reward early adopters. Our Liquidity Incentivization campaign will ensure the most active contributors who are earliest, who have the highest volume & TVL and have contributed longest to earn most of the tokens.

It is of utmost important that key members of the community are properly rewarded with tokens as zkSwap evolves into a decentralized structure, these key players are who we would like to see having the most weight in decision making.

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