Customizable Pool

The market is teeming with various DeFi protocols and tokens. While some tokens follow conventionally designed functions, some are more special like ibToken that accumulates interest or rebase tokens whose market balance is adjusted to control the price. For DEXs to accommodate such various types of tokens, the pools where users deposit token pairs must be equipped with a wide array of functions.

Conventional DEXs used to create pools from a single factory. Pools created from a particular factory are destined to have identical functional specifications. Therefore, it was impossible for DEXs in the past to create pools that comprehensively respond to overarching needs.

Meanwhile, zkSwap is different in that the Master Deployer enables the creation of multiple pool factories, which allows to ensure flexibility in the pool specifications. Each pool factory generates different pools with different specifications. With the distribution of new pool factories, it is entirely possible to create various pools that can accommodate not only the traditional token pairs but also the unique ones.

Ranging from tokens like Ampleforth which continues to change its balance through rebasing to other mechanism-based tokens that are yet to be launched, zkSwap is fully ready to accommodate the changes in the market by distributing new pool factories.

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