Acquire Testnet Ethereum

We have noticed that it’s especially difficult to get Ethereum to pay for gas on zkSync Era Testnet. Therefore we have developed our own faucet you can use to easily get testnet ETH directly on zkSync Era testnet.

Join our Discord & head over to #faucet channel to immediately claim your test ETH and start interacting with zkSwap!

In the remainder of this guide we will present an alternative way you can use to get testnet ETH in case you need more.

Instead of attempting to get testnet Ethereum from zkSync directly, you can get it from Goerli Testnet and bridge to zkSync using their native bridge!

How to get Testnet Ethereum to pay for gas in zkSync Era Testnet ?

  1. Firstly, please check out the following faucets. You should be able to find one with some funds in it:

  2. Input the amount of Goerli Ethereum you would like to bridge to zkSync Era Testnet and click Deposit.

Now you can spend your funds in zkSync Era Testnet however you like. The transactions cost very little so you won’t need much for paying gas.

You can also check out our article for a more detailed walkthrough.

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